Looked down on and often treated as sub-human by the Romans, these people lived in Gaul (modern day France ) and Britain. The Barbarians, or Celts lived in semi-organized societal structures consisting of multiple tribes of varying sizes. Rarely did they unite and fight as one overwhelming force, but when this did happen it was bad news for the enemy.

Most Celts were extremely poor and did not have the infrastructure to make equipment even if they did have money. This lead to fighting units consisting of a few well equipped nobles and a horde of ill-prepared subjects. Armor was hard to come by in these lands, only the richest could afford even small pieces of it, such as a metal helmet.

Roman Invicta will depict the barbarians as just this, poorly equipped, but don’t let that bolster your confidence. The barbarians were known to go ballistic in combat, shrugging off seemingly fatal wounds and still inflicting casualties on their foe. The three main types of infantry of the Celts are: light axemen, medium swordsmen, and heavy swordsmen.




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