Welcome. As this is the first blog post and I don’t have anything to talk about yet I will take the time to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Matthew. I was born in California, raised in Maine, and currently reside somewhere in Indiana. My primary job is being a student but when that gets boring I have to fill the void with something, so I figured why not have it be something cool?

I started with game development early in middle school with simple 2D stuff. Scratch was the cutting edge of my abilities back in those days and it certainly put me on the right track. It was not until high school that I upgraded to more sophisticated tools that allowed me to dabble in the 3D realm.

My first real game, Impulse: Space Combat, built using the Unity Engine, was my pride and joy of those times. However, as my skills advanced during my later high school years, I soon realized that Impulse was outdated both in terms of the 3D art, and the programming that ran behind the scenes. I was strongly considering going back and remastering the game, adding new content, and totally revamping the marketing, but I got a better idea.

Impulse was behind me, the game was good enough to leave alone in its current state, so I looked ahead to future projects. That is were Roma Invicta comes in. After a two-week journey through the United Kingdom, and the chance to visit a real Roman cite (Bath), I felt the same inspiration that fueled Impulse. Now I was ready to start a new project, one with all the bells and whistles Impulse was never given.

So here we are, I hope you have at least some idea of where I am now and how I got here. This blog will serve as an outlet for more detailed discussion and possibly tutorial. I want to give back by sharing my knowledge and experience while documenting the creation of Roma Invicta.

Signing off,


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