Partnered with FORCES Initiative members Dr. Sorin Matei and Dr. Robert Kirchubel, Omaha Beach has been recreated in a stunning and realistic 3D environment, replete with historical troop movements and simulation. With the help of the powerful and ever improving Unity Engine, the true to life battle-scape of Omaha Beach, as it existed in 1944, will soon be available to the public as an educational model. This page showcases recent screenshots and videos taken during the development of this project.


In future editions, troop strengths, positions, and movement vectors will be made adjustable to the user via a novel fluid-dynamics system, BattleFlow, developed by Dr. Jonathan Poggie. With this new technology, researchers may change the composition and dispositions of the opposing forces, and replay the battle under these alternate conditions. What if the German defenders were reinforced with twice their original numbers? What if the US Expeditionary Force’s DD tank compliment made it to shore? These questions and may others like them can all be answered with the analytical methods of BattleFlow.