Please check out my current Steam release, Impulse: Space Combat, and get ready for my upcoming project, Roma Invicta!


Welcome. On this site you will images, videos, and descriptions of my games and research projects. Please use the Menu bar to navigate through the site.


I am Matthew Konkoly, a Senior at Purdue University studying Computer Science and Roman History. Since High School, I have been interested in making videogames, and released my first serious project on Steam back in 2018 (See Impulse: Space Combat page). In fact, this was the impetus for my desire to join the CS department at Purdue. Since then, my coding and modelling skills have improved, and I am currently working on my second major release, Roma: Invicta (Unveiling in Early Summer 2022).

While at University, I made two great friends and mentors (See Normandy WWII and Ancient Cilicia pages). Professors who, while not in my own CS program, fueled my passion for history and strategy, all the while encouraging my technical studies. In this way, I have had the fortune of developing both a solid engineering mind through my major, as well as a historical one through my minor. I hope to continue my education in a Masters program at Purdue, with a focus on the technical aspects of game development.

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