A unique combination of first-person strategy elements places Warlord: Britannia in a genre of its own. Immersive strategy fixes the player in the first-person perspective of their character. Lead a large army, construct bases, conquer settlements, and disrupt enemy forces in the open world—entirely from this immersive strategy perspective. Turn the tide of battle by participating directly in the action, fighting alongside your own troops in real time.


Dynamic Open World

The world of Warlord: Britannia is an island more than 45 square kilometers in size, divided by latitude into three visually distinct geographic zones. Start your occupation in the densely forested Lowlands, then march north to the rolling hills and farms of the Midlands. Finally, push further north into the imposing and desolate Highlands. All three zones flow seamlessly together, never subjecting you to a loading screen.


Travel the roads cautiously and keep your eyes on the treelines, as trading convoys and roaming warbands criss-cross the open world in real time. The local population will quickly spread word of your exploits, so choose your actions carefully. Manage the population’s unrest levels and prepare for uprisings and raids on your camp. Enemies will react aggressively to repeated attacks and transgressions by your Roman invasion force.

Recruit up to 15 Roman Centuries and their officers to fully staff your Legion. Hundreds of Romans and Britons will clash and die on the battlefield. Use your legionaries to attack local strongholds and towns, pillage and loot settlements, impose draconian taxes, and send the population back to Rome in chains.

Massive Battles

Base Building

Construct a series of marching camps as you conquer the open world. Clear the forests and put up palisade walls. Set guards to patrol the perimeter, keeping watch over the camp at night. At any time, you may pack up and relocate your camp, allowing for complex strategic maneuvers. Decide where and when to set up your fort, and how long to stay before conditions become too dangerous.

All of the weapons, armors, structures, names, and gameplay elements are inspired directly from extant literary and material archeological remains. Solo developer Darkmatter Games has painstakingly recreated these elements from scratch and by hand to bring to life the ancient world of Britain in the first century AD like never before. Historical authenticity is the core element of the Warlord franchise.

Roman History