Working with Field Archeologist and Classics Professor, Dr. Nicholas Rauh, I have recreated the monumental features of sites in Ancient Rough Cilicia. Cilicia was an area known for rampant piracy and unrest, however, the remains of the Roman settlement at Selinus gives us a glimpse into a potentially peaceful and prosperous time under Roman administration.


The foundation stones of a full portico and Cenotaph dedicated to the Emperor Trajan are still visible today and stand as a testament to this site’s significance.

Selinus, like every major Roman settlement of the time, also included a bath complex and an amphitheater.

Nearby, at Tisan, Hellenisitic fortification walls protected the military harbor of Aphrodisias. Designed to protect the harbor from amphibious assault across the peninsula, each Tower was large enough to store the components of a ballista-type weapon, which could be quickly brought out up the ramp and assembled in the open space.