Ancient Cilicia

Working with field archeologist and Classics Professor, Dr. Nicholas Rauh, I have helped recreate a few monumental features of sites in Ancient Rough Cilicia. Cilicia was an area known for rampant piracy and unrest, however, the remains of the Roman settlement at Selinus gives us a glimpse into a potentially peaceful and prosperous time under Roman rule.

The remains of a full portico and Cenotaph dedicated to the Emperor Trajan are still visible today and stand as a testament to this site’s significance.

Selinus, like virtually every major Roman settlement of the time, also includes a bath complex and an amphitheater.

Nearby, at Tisan, Hellenisitic fortification walls protected a military harbor. Here you can see a model of this structure. Each Tower was large enough to store the components of a ballista-type weapon, which could be quickly brought out up the ramp and assembled in the open space.

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