Website Update


Recently I have been plugging away at getting this cite up and running. WordPress makes it really easy to do this without having to touch a bit of code, which, as a computer science major, just makes my day!

The Roman Invicta page and sub-pages were the main focus. I made a specially designed showcase scene and lighting rig to show off the primary models in the game such as the armor and weapons.

Before importing into the game engine, this is what the lighting rig looks like. I then added emmisive materials to the upper and lower rings so that the object on display is illuminated evenly.

Screenshot (47)
Lighting Rig
Screenshot (29)
Final Product


At first I was not convinced the dual-ring lighting setup would create nice highlights on the object but after putting some models through it I was pleasantly surprised. I would not recommend using this kind of setup for everything though, a 3-point system almost always produces the best looking results, in my experience.

That’s it for this update,


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