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Warlord: Britannia

Warlord: Britannia

Lead a Roman expeditionary force into the heart of Ancient Britain! Recruit, promote, and upgrade your legionaries while constructing a series of fortified marching camps. Use Roman tactics and strategies to conquer the entire island and become Warlord!


The unique combination of first-person strategy elements places Warlord in a genre all of its own. Immersive strategy has the player fixed in the perspective of their character, all the while leading a large army, constructing bases, conquering settlements, and managing resources in the open world.

All of the weapons, armors, structures, names, and gameplay elements are inspired directly from surviving material and literary archeological remains. I have painstakingly recreated these elements from scratch and by hand to bring the Ancient world of Britain in the 1st Century AD to life like never before. Historical authenticity is the core element of the Warlord franchise.